Episode 1 - ALASKA: Seek & Destroy


Episode 2 - WYOMING: Life on Mars


Episode 3 - JAPAN: Peaks, Pillows, and Pow


Episode 4 - ALASKA: The Reciprocal Loop


In June of 2016, we were approached by GoPro with 3 years worth of video content shot by Travis Rice and the Brainfarm crew for their newest film The 4th Phase. As we combed through the 18 TBs of footage, we couldn't believe what we were seeing - some of the most compelling and jaw-dropping POV footage we had ever seen. It was clear that not much needed to be done to this footage; it truly spoke for itself. What we decided to produce was 4 episodes from 4 different locations, cut in a raw manner to give the viewer an inside look into that insanity of what these snowboarders accomplished during their 3 years filming.