Patreon Creator Tour Series

Patreon is a platform that helps creators get paid, and in this is a collection of short documentaries that we produced with Patreon, highlighting some of the platform's most successful and interesting creators.


Binging With Babish

Meet Andrew, creator of Binging with Babish — the YouTube channel filled with recipes inspired by favorite meals in movies and television.

Noon Pacific

Meet Clark Dinnison, founder of Noon Pacific — an independent record label and music curation site.

Kinda Funny

The gentleman of Kinda Funny invited our crew into their Outer Sunset home in San Francisco to hang out for the day and check out their studio. 

Mary Kate Wiles

Mary Kate Wiles is an actress who shares her unfiltered version of what life in Hollywood is really like, and how Patreon has helped her make a living. 


The parent company of many Youtube channels relating to education, Complexly is a team of passionate creators living in Missoula, Montana where they create most of their content. 

Tom merritt

You may know Tom's voice from NPR, or possibly you listen to his self-produced podcast called Tech News Daily, broadcasted directly from his home office.